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  PhilipHoneWilliams.com (also sitsur.net) is the home address for a developing series of 10 to 12 large paintings by Philip Hone Williams. Each is approximately 4 feet high by 6 to 7 feet in width. The series title is Seriously Audacious Situational Surrealism - surrealistic subject matter based on specific situations.

Below are images of the current finished works and possibly an initial sketch for the work currently underway. To view them all, scroll down the page. The paintings are meant to be thought provoking images, but with a good smattering of humor.

Currently I am seeking a venue in which to show and sell the paintings. Any interest, please contact me at this email address:

The 2nd painting of the 6, "A Short History of Humanity from the Beginning to the End" took the first prize at the Red Brick Art Center's 2012 Biennial art show in Aspen Colorado.

The first 5 paintings were exhibited at the Red Brick Art Center in Aspen Colorado during the month of March, 2013.

They were exhibited on the CCAH/Bonfire gallery walls on Main Street during the annual Mountain Fair Celebration in Carbondale, CO which was held the last weekend in July, 2013. They remained on exhibit at the Bonfire through the month of September, 2013.

During the month of October, 2013, four of the character portraits were included in the Aspen Art Museum's curated Roaring Fork Open show. "DK Mango," "Bishop Fingah." "Janek the Juggler," and "Pru and her poodle, Pia."

During the month of March, 2014 the painting titled "Spirituality...?" and four of its associated character portraits were in a group show called "Dream On" at the Carbondale Council on Arts and Humanities gallery in Carbondale, CO

Beginning in April, 2014 two of the 4' x 6' paintings will hang on a monthly rotating basis in the Callaway Room at the 3rd Street Center in Carbondale, Co.

During the month of September, 2014, the painting titled, "The Bemusement of the Ancients" was in the curated 2014 Biennial art show at the Red Brick Arts Center in Aspen, Colorado.

During November, 2014, the painting titled "The Descent of Water" was/is in the Dab Art Hosts 2014 International Juried Show at the Hud Gallery in Ventura CA.

From November 3rd to December 31st 2016, "Spirituality...?" and "The Bemusement of the Elders" along with a number of the individual character portraits were displayed by the Carbondale LaunchPad on the Bonfire walls in Carbondale, CO.

From June 16 till the end oif July, 2016, the series will be on display at the Dairy Art Center in Boulder Colorado.

All Images Copyright Philip Hone Williams. All rights reserved.  

  Individual portraits of some of the characters in the large paintings


The larger paintings

"The Irreverent Rapture" oil on panel - 44" x 71" (111.8 cm x 180.3 cm)

"A Short History of Humanity from the Beginning to the End" oil on panel - 42" x 70" (106.7 cm x 177.8 cm)

"The Decline of Water" oil on panel - 43" x 77" (109.2 cm x 195.6 cm)

"Custer's Last Stand" oil on Panel - 43" x 72" (109 x 182.8 cm )

"The Bemusement of the Ancients" oil on Panel - 43" x 72" (109 x 182.8 cm )

"Spirituality?" oil on Panel - 43" x 72" (109 x 182.8 cm )

"What the Frack? The Violation of Mother Earth!" oil on Panel - 43" x 72" (109 x 182.8 cm )

Dance, Dance, Dance" oil on Panel - 43" x 72" (109 x 182.8 cm )

Some of the possible titles for the remaining paintings in the series are, "Ths Ku Klux Klan meets the Taliban," "Rube Goldberg's Nightmares About M.C.Escher," "War and the Art of Duck Hunting," The Dreams of Einstein," "Buffalo Bob Meets Buffalo Bill," "The Times They Are'a Changing," "The Omo People Meet the Fashion Divas," etc, etc, etc,...

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